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French national research institute for digital science and technology

Inria, the French national research institute for the digital sciences and technology, promotes scientific excellence and technology transfer to maximise its impact. Its 200 agile project teams, generally with different academic partners, involve more than 3,000 scientists in meeting the challenges of computer science and mathematics, often at the interface of other disciplines. Inria works with many companies and has assisted in the creation of over 160 startups. It strives to meet the challenges of the digital transformation of science, society and the economy. Inria has been very active in the previous European framework programmes. The institute is strongly involved in programmes aimed at fostering scientific excellence, such as the European Research Council: more than 30 Grants in FP7 and about 25 Grants in Horizon 2020. Inria is currently involved in more than 120 H2020 funded projects.

Inria is playing a lead role in the construction of the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) EIT Digital as host of the French node. EIT Digital’s ambition is to create for Europe a structure dedicated to technology transfer and innovation in the digital field. Besides EIT Digital, Inria is a core partner of the KIC EIT Health.

Role within HPCQS

Inria will be mostly involved in the work packages dealing with Programming Technologies and application libraries for quantum demonstrators. In particular, work will focus on graphical language for analog programming, type systems and static analysis for analog program, and code compilation and optimisation. Inria is also involved in WP5 on one of the use cases (Variational Quantum Eigensolver), where HPC and solver know-how is required, and with applications in chemistry.

Our vision for HPCQS

With its expert teams in high-performance computing and in quantum computing (ranging from algorithmics to formal methods in the compilation chain), Inria sees the interface and synergy between these two fields as a natural fruitful development direction, and is ready to take up the challenges that emerge from it.

- from Renaud Vilmart

Main contacts

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Renaud Vilmart

For Quantum science and technology aspects

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Luc Giraud

For HPC and solver science and technology aspects