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Parity Quantum Computing GmbH

Parity Quantum Computing GmbH (ParityQC) is a spin-off of the University Innsbruck and the Austrian Academy of Sciences founded in 2020 by Wolfgang Lechner and Magdalena Hauser. The focus of the company is to develop architectures for quantum computers. The company is based in Austria and Germany. In the context of the quantum computing industry, ParityQC has a unique positioning as a quantum architecture company, providing benefits for both hardware and software. The company offers blueprints for quantum computers to solve optimization problems and develops algorithms for quantum optimization, for both digital and analog quantum computers in co-design with ideally suited hardware. The main product is ParityOS, an operating system for quantum optimization. ParityOS translates optimization problems into quantum algorithms and specifically optimizes them for the particular hardware requirements. The tools are provided as software as a service. The methods are compatible with all current hardware platforms, including atoms, superconducting circuits, quantum dots and ions.

Role within HPCQS

The main task will be to develop a connection from the proposed middleware to the software suite and provide access to the suite to explore potential use cases.

Our vision for HPCQS

The HPCQS project will allow ParityQC to reach new markets, develop a user-base and implement a scheme for user engagement. HPCQS will be of considerable importance for ParityQC to establish ParityOS as a viable tool within the European quantum computing community.

- from Wolfgang Lechner & Magdalena Hauser

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. Wolfgang Lechner
Prof. Wolfgang Lechner

Co-CEO/Co-Founder ParityQC

Photo of Magdalena Hauser
Magdalena Hauser

Co-CEO/Co-Founder ParityQC