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Irish Centre for High-End Computing, National University of Ireland Galway

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) is Ireland's national centre for High-Performance Computing (HPC) providing e-infrastructure, services and expertise to academia, industry and the public sector supported by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Skills.

ICHEC develops efficient computing and data management platforms, solutions and services based on technologies including AI, high performance data analytics, Earth Observation, quantum computing and cybersecurity across several sectors including environmental sciences, healthcare, agriculture, energy, financial services and ICT.

ICHEC works in close partnership with several national and international researchers, enterprises and public authorities for joint R&D, skills development, and provisioning HPC and data services to accelerate their digital transformation and green transition.

Role within HPCQS

ICHEC leads the work package on “Demonstrators, Training and User Engagement” in HPCQS. Alongside focus on physics, optimisation and quantum machine learning use-cases and technical libraries, ICHEC leads the creation of a software emulator for the neutral atom quantum simulator device, and also the development of training and knowledge transfer mechanisms.

Our vision for HPCQS

Through the Quantum Programming Ireland (QPI) initiative, ICHEC drives the development of hybrid HPC-QCS systems, R&D into quantum computing algorithms and software, and skills development programmes. As a part of this initiative and the upcoming focus on EuroQCS, the HPCQS project is a first step towards Europe unitedly pioneering innovation and development for bringing quantum computing and simulation systems into the world of high-performance computing.

- from Venkatesh Kannan

Main contacts

Photo of Venkatesh Kannan
Venkatesh Kannan

WP5 lead & Technical Manager at ICHEC

Photo of Emil Dimitrov
Emil Dimitrov

WP5 co-lead & Senior Computational Scientist at ICHEC