Workshop at International Supercomputing Conference 2024 (ISC) in Hamburg

HPCQS Demonstration and Stakeholder Engagement

When: Thursday, May 16, 09:00-13:00 CEST

Where: Hall Y1, Floor 2

HPCQS Project

HPCQS is the pilot EuroHPC project that integrates two quantum simulators (QS), each capable of controlling more than 100 qubits, with HPC systems at the supercomputer centres FZJ/JSC (Germany) and GENCI/CEA (France). As an open European federated hybrid HPC-QS infrastructure, the twin coupled systems will provide non-commercial cloud access to public and private European users.

To achieve this, the project develops a hybrid programming platform which allows combining quantum simulations with HPC, thereby accelerating classical supercomputers. As a co-design approach, the hybrid infrastructure system software and programming framework work closely with a diverse set of use cases across simulation of physics and electronic structure systems, search and optimisation problems and quantum-enhanced machine learning. In this process, the project also aims at building an ecosystem of an active user community.

ISC24 Workshop

This half-day workshop will bring early results from the HPCQS project team to the community, to demonstrate them as well as to onboard stakeholders and user community members. This community will be candidates to gain early access to the hybrid HPCQS systems and project results, as well as work with the HPCQS team to further co-design and hybrid use-cases.

Target Audience

The targeted attendees are from research and enterprise organisations from HPC and QCS communities – system administrators and developers, programmers and software developers, and end-users. The workshop is aimed at computer and computational scientists to introduce them to the HPCQS technologies, and to onboard them in the stakeholders community.