HPCQS is Presented during the Quantum Computing Mentoring Path – an international Workshop for Science and Business

The EuroCC and CASTIEL projects came together to mentor stakeholders and beneficiaries in the research and enterprise communities on quantum computing technologies and the opportunities they present. This took place as a part of a two-part online Quantum Computing Mentoring Path workshop on November 9, 2021 and April 4, 2022.

Funded by the EuroHPC JU and 33 Participating States, EuroCC has established a network of national HPC competence centres to map, develop and deliver competencies in high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance data analytics (HPDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The competence centres coordinate HPC expertise at national level and ease access to European HPC opportunities for research and scientific users, public administration and different industrial sectors. Several national competence centres have included quantum computing as a key emerging HPC technology, and are engaged in mentoring national stakeholders and working together on European activities for R&D and skills development.

The CASTIEL project, which promotes interaction and exchange across the EuroCC network, set up a working group in quantum computing by leveraging the EuroCC centres and organised a two-part EuroCC-CASTIEL Quantum Mentoring Path workshop. As a part of this workshop, the competence centres from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands presented and led discussions in key topics in quantum computing:

  • Basics of quantum computing technologies and systems
  • Algorithms and applications of quantum computing
  • Integration of high-performance and quantum computing systems
  • Skills development programmes in quantum computing
  • Access to national and European quantum computing systems
  • EuroHPC work programme updates on quantum computing

Prof. Dr Kristel Michielsen (JSC) and Dr Venkatesh Kannan (ICHEC) presented the HPCQS project as a key element of building and delivering integrated high-performance quantum computing and simulation systems at the European level. The presentation positioned HPCQS within the EuroQCS plans, the technical expertise that the project partners bring together, the applications that HPCQS aims at developing, and the opportunities that the HPCQS systems and use-cases bring to the scientific research and enterprise communities.

The 80+ attendees of the workshop span the academic, research, enterprise and public sector communities. The workshop organisers also gathered feedback on the topics that are of most interest to the attendees with whom the EuroCC centres engage:


The slides presenting the HPCQS project are available here.