HPCQS at SC22: Representing Europe’s Nucleus for Integrated HPC-QC Infrastructures

This year, the International Conference for High Performance Computing (HPC), Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC22) was hosted in Dallas, Texas, USA from November 13-18, 2022. About 12,000 attendees met to discuss the latest breakthroughs and challenges of super- and quantum computing. Among these participants were also several HPCQS consortium members presenting the project in invited talks, Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions and exhibitions.

Kristel Michielsen gave an invited talk presenting the strategy of the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) for quantum computing (QC), which is based on the provision of a broad range of quantum computing devices with respect to maturity and technology, the tightest possible integration of quantum computers and simulators into JSC’s HPC infrastructure, and the creation of a world-leading quantum computer user infrastructure (JUNIQ) under European legislation. Within HPCQS the concept of JUNIQ will be extended to the European level, forming a nucleus for integrated HPC-QC infrastructures in Europe. HPC-QC integration was also discussed within the BoF session “Advances in Hybrid Quantum-Classical High-Performance-Computing” that was led by Kristel Michielsen and in which conference attendees openly discussed current topics of interest to the HPC community. There is no doubt that QC has become an integral part of the supercomputing community, as could also be observed at JSC’s exhibition booth, where many interested conference attendees ran small programs on the D-Wave Advantage quantum annealer using the JUNIQ Cloud platform.

Kristel Michielsen presenting HPCQS at the SC22 in Dallas