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ParTec AG, one of the leading SMEs in the HPC domain in Europe and the specialist for modular supercomputing, develops and supports a comprehensive suite of management tools for HPC systems and a runtime environment specifically tuned for the largest distributed-memory supercomputers in existence today and beyond. ParTec’s unrivaled expertise in developing HPC software includes the self-developed ParaStation MPI and tools for issue tracking and node checking such as the TicketSuite and the HealthChecker. In conjunction with professional services, consultancy, and support, ParTec was elected as the partner of choice in some of the leading HPC sites across Europe. For more than two decades, ParTec has been a strong general-purpose HPC specialist in the German and EMEA HPC market.

Role within HPCQS

In the HPCQS project, ParTec participates in two work packages. ParTec supports the proper installation of the pilot system in WP2 Quantum simulator pilot and HPC integration. ParTec leads WP3 Infrastructure software dealing with the crucial aspect of integrating the Quantum Simulator (QS) into the existing HPC infrastructure of supercomputing centres. ParTec contributes to the definition of the most appropriate level of resource management for the QS. This will be integrated with the resource management provided by ParaStation Modulo to enable its utilisation both via a Cloud Portal and the central HPC scheduler. Additionally, ParTec works on the interoperability between ParaStation MPI and the Python-based programming environment of the QS, enabling hybrid workloads.

Our vision for HPCQS

Integrating quantum devices into a modular supercomputing architecture is exciting pioneering work and the HPCQS project is a truly unique opportunity to shape the look of future supercomputing landscapes. My colleagues and I at ParTec AG are therefore very honoured to be part of this great project.

- from Carsten Clauss

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Carsten Clauss

Research Engineer

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Simon Pickartz

Research Engineer

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Thomas Moschny

Executive Vice President Technology

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Xu Huang

Software Developer