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Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 110,000 employees in 73 countries and annual revenue of over 12 billion. European number one in Cloud, Cybersecurity and High-Performance Computing. Atos has been pioneering Quantum Computing since 2016 and has been developing the Atos Quantum Learning Machine and its free community edition, myQLM. This platform is among the most complete and fastest quantum programming environment in the world. It is used by circa 30 public and private large research facilities in 10+ countries.

Role within HPCQS

ATOS is involved in the design and the implementation of the interface between HPC System and QLM/QS as contributor to the WP3 “Infrastructure Software”. ATOS will drive the development of the programming environment as leader of WP4 “Programming technology and Technical Libraries”. ATOS will develop numerical simulation of strongly correlated materials via the Variational Quantum Simulation Method as part of WP5 - UC 2 Physics Simulations. ATOS supports dissemination, communication & exploitation of innovation activities (WP6) and project management and scientific coordination activities (WP1).

Our vision for HPCQS

Quantum simulation is a fascinating research and innovation field, that could bring a new kind of computing power. We are very excited to contribute in empowering this new technology in the world class computing facilities of Forschungszentrum Jülich and GENCI.

- from Cyril ALLOUCHE, Fellow & VP Quantum Computing, EVIDEN

Main contacts

Photo of Dr Cyril ALLOUCHE

VP Fellow, Big Data & Security – Quantum R&D Quantum R&D and Innovation Team Leader

Photo of Dr Thomas AYRAL
Dr Thomas AYRAL

Big Data & Security – Quantum R&D Quantum Research Engineer – Noise modeling and Simulations expert

Photo of Alexis-Julien BOUQUET-GAIS
Alexis-Julien BOUQUET-GAIS

Big Data & Security – Funding Cooperative R&D Project Management Officer